Blockage caused by plant roots

This customer discovered a severe blockage. Subsequent high pressure water jetting eventually released the blockage, which had been caused by root growth in the drain. The Roots were removed from the drain downstream of the inspection chamber and full flow was restored. More

Replacing a broken manhole

Vehicular traffic on a customer’s drive had caused the manhole to crack. This was removed and the correct rating manhole cover was installed. More

Repair to Collapsed Drain

A CCTV survey was carried out from a driveway inspection chamber, due to a customer complaining of blocked toilet, and it was noted that there had been a collapse of the pipework. The drain was excavated and repaired accordingly. The images below show the work being done, in stages, from opening up the drain through to installation of ... More

CCTV survey shows displaced drain

A customers drain was becoming blocked on a regular basis. Yorkshire Drains carried out a  CCTV survey which showed the drain to be severely displaced. In addition, there was no inspection chambers for any access making it impossible for the use rods. Therefore the ground was excavated and a new drain laid. Two inspection changes were ... More

Yorkshire Drains solve problem of standing water on driveway.

A customer was complaining of standing water on his driveway. The surface water drain was located with the use of a sonde device and a gully was installed in the affected area. A new drain was then installed to run into the existing drain.   More