Drain Excavation

Yorkshire Drains undertake drain excavation and repair of drainage pipes in any area.

Drain Excavation Example

Drain Excavation is most commonly used for –

  • Collapsed drains
  • Misaligned joints and fracturing
  • Subsidence or water ingress
  • Where ‘no dig’ options are ruled out
  • Installation of new drainage systems

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Where sections of collapsed or decayed pipe have been identified, excavation may be the best (sometimes the only) solution. This involves excavating and removing the defective drain run, which is normally replaced with a new plastic osma drainpipe. When we dig down to rectify your drainage problem, you can rest assured we will get the job done promptly, safely and with the greatest care.

Where defects are established to have arisen in a small area, these can be patched to produce a permanent repair. First we undertake a CCTV survey along the pipe to identify the damaged area. A fibreglass mat is coated in an epoxy resin wrapped around an inflatable packer and positioned in the problem area. This is then inflated until the resin has cured.

We charge a FIXED FEE so you know how much a job will be from the start and there is no call out charge even on bank holidays and weekends.


Drain Excavation